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Jets vs. Dolphins Second Half Thread

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are 30:00 away from ruining the season of the Miami Dolphins. Playing spoiler, the Jets lead 14-7 at halftime on the strength of rushing touchdowns by two rookies, Geno Smith and Sheldon Richardson. In the first meeting between these two teams, it would have been a compliment to call New York's offense stagnant. Now the Jets are outgaining Miami 217 to 146.

The offseason champs are in some trouble. Can the Jets finish the job, or will said offseason chance see their chances to win the real championship go up in smoke?

Leave your second half thoughts below. The 2013 season is down to its final half. As always, be sure to follow our rules. Be respectful. Do not talk about politics or religion, and do not ask for a link to an illegal broadcast of this or any game. If anybody asks for one, please do not provide it.