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NFL Week 17 Late Games Open Thread

Doug Pensinger

The late games have meaning in Week 17. The biggest one is probably the one in Chicago between the Bears and the Packers. The winner takes the NFC North Championship and gets to host a Playoff game next week. The loser's season ends with a loss. One thing the NFL has done right was to make everybody play a division rival in the final week of the season. It creates grudge matches like these with big meaning.

There are other meaningful games taking place at this timeslot also. It is a good day to either have Sunday Ticket or Red Zone.

Leave your late game thoughts below. Also feel free to talk about today's Jets game, the status of Rex Ryan, and the upcoming offseason. Just follow the rules. There are exciting games taking place, but don't ask for or provide a link to an illegal broadcast of a game over the internet.