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David Nelson Under Contract for 2014

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

It is relatively minor news, but wide receiver David Nelson is apparently under contract for 2014.

Metro New York has learned Nelson signed a two-year contract with the team and is expected to be back next season.

Hat tip to The Jets Blog.

The 27 year old has been a solid addition with 31 catches for 357 yards and a pair of touchdowns in eleven games. He's a big 6'5" target who does a decent job of using his size to his advantage. Geno Smith seems to have developed decent chemistry with him.

This does not solve the receiver position for next year. Nelson is a complimentary target for depth. He is a guy who can fill in over a short stretch, not somebody who can bring it over an entire season.

More than anything this says to me that Stephen Hill is probably going to have to show a lot of improvement in training camp next year to make the team. If the Jets add two receivers, which is quite possible, he and Nelson could end up battling for the fourth spot.