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Jets vs. Dolphins: Can New York Pick Up the Snap Count?

Streeter Lecka

His Florioness had an interesting article on Christmas about the Miami Dolphins and their recent trouble with opponents timing their snap count.

"They were getting [a jump]. I feel like they were getting a rhythm with our cadence," McKinnie said Tuesday, via James Walker of  "Me being around, I knew some things that we can do to help counter that.  So I definitely brought that to my offensive line coach."

Florio goes on to note this has come up as an issue multiple times going back to last season.

Dee Milliner's good game against Josh Gordon last week notwithstanding, the Jets have struggled in coverage at the back end of their defense all season. The first meeting with Miami was not a shining moment for the secondary. The defensive line is going to have to play a big role by getting pressure on the quarterback and making the secondary cover for less time. Any small advantage helps.

Of course, the Jets have struggled identifying the snap count all season. The defensive line has been the best unit on the team in 2013, but it has been an offsides machine so there are no guarantees the Jets can take advantage.