Milliner's First INT was the Result of a Zone - GIF

3rd Q - 2nd and 9 - Score is 10-10. The Browns driving for a score, already in field goal range. What does Rex do? He pulls out an unexpected zone, and Milliner, finally playing with space and the play in front of him breaks nicely on the ball and snags his first interception. As I and others have pointed out, the typical on on one Rex Ryan defense has been a little short on INTs, having sub par INT rates for most of his 5 year stay. And this year turnovers have truly been hard to come by. And much has been made of Milliner's (possible) weakness for the back pedal, and man coverage. This by far was Milliner's best game as a Jet. But perhaps the biggest thing about this play was that Milliner looked great in a zone. Also in this play, check out how nicely Wilson picks up Cooper, the man in motion. On the other side Pace falls back shallow, Cromartie takes deep and Landry blitzes.

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