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Scouting The Draft: Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State

Today Brandin Cooks and Oregon State will face Boise State in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. So we thought it was a good time to focus on the play-maker!

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE


Brandin Cooks is a tremendous receiver and he has been for a long time. However if you listen to him talk, you would be forgiven for not realising he leads all FBS receivers in receptions and just took home the Biletnikoff award given to the best receiver in college football. He is humble and he is hungry, proud of his accomplishments but desperately craving more. If he does elect to enter the draft a year early this year, he will be highly craved as a play-maker in the mould of Tavon Austin.

Brandin had to overcome the loss of his father at just 6 years old, his mother worked multiple jobs to raise him and his three brothers, and that's likely where his humble attitude comes from. For many years he had nothing, soon enough he will have everything he ever wanted.

Coming out of Stockton, California, Cooks was a 4 star recruit that garnered a lot of attention, mainly on the west-coast. USC, Boise State, Stanford, UCLA and Washington all offered him a scholarship, but he chose to play with Oregon State.

There are not many true freshman receivers who stand at 5'10 and 186lb's who come in and start week one in year one but that's what Cooks did. Finishing his freshman season with impressive stats. However it was in his Sophomore and Junior seasons that he really started to shine.


Height: 5'10

Weight: 186lb's

Class: Junior

Projected 40: 4.4 - 4.5


Year Receptions Yards Average Touchdowns Long
2013 120 1670 13.9 15 55
2012 67 1151 17.2 5 75
2011 31 391 12.6 3 59

Year Rushes Yards Average Touchdowns Long
2013 28 188 6.7 2 29
2012 19 82 4.3 0 17
2011 10 41 4.1 14 0


Can take it to the house every single time he touches the ball, which makes him extremely dangerous in all areas on the field. Has excellent footwork and gets off the line quickly, really sets up his routes with the defensive backs, sells his routes and can run any route in the tree. Has great natural burst and a second gear to gain separation. Needs to get a ball in his hand, but as soon as it is he is so elusive. Reliable hands and makes good adjustments with the ball in the air. Has excellent body control and makes some very difficult catches look routine. Clean in and out of breaks, without losing any speed. Watches the ball into his hands and is immediately aware of where he is on the field and where he needs to go to make the most of the catch. Can be very elusive in the open-field.


Same as with Lee, he has a very slight frame and lacks ideal strength. Will struggle to get off press coverage at the NFL level and will struggle with run blocking. Will often get beat in the air on contested ball, but that's not his game. There isn't a lot not to like about Cooks game as far as I can see.


I really like Cooks, and think he'll go in the late first. He is just a dangerous guy, and can take the ball to the house. I wanted Tavon Austin last year, as I can't remember the last time we had a really explosive player, and Cooks is in the same mould. Do I think that around #13 is too early for him? I'm not sure but perhaps it is. I do have some concerns with his ability to get off press-coverage, but if the team that drafts him can consistently get the ball in his hands, then he'll be dangerous.

Would I Draft Him For The Jets

I would have no problem drafting Cooks for the Jets, as mentioned about, it's been a long time since we had a play-maker on the offensive side of the ball. The west coast offence is all about getting the ball out of your hands quickly, to do that you need guys who can make things happen after the catch, Cooks is that man. Perfect match-up.