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New York Jets: The Airing of Grievances

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Happy Festivus! It's tough to believe we are once against at December 23, a landmark holiday.

If you need a refresher on Festivus, watch this:

As is our annual custom here at GGN, it time for the sixth annual Airing of Grievances. The Airing of Grievances is an integral part of Festivus where you tell your loved ones all of the ways they have let you down over the past year. So come gather around the aluminum pole as we tell our beloved Jets how they have let us down.

John Idzik: I understand you didn't have much cap space this offseason, but you could have easily afforded a reliable left guard and a competent veteran quarterback. I don't mean David Garrard or Mark Sanchez.

Rex Ryan: Rex, how many times must we watch a team look unprepared for a game or you make a game management blunder. And why can't you stick underperforming players on the bench for good?

Geno Smith: You might be a rookie, but your blitz recognition and ball protection skills have a ways to go.

Chris Ivory: Nice work as a runner, but do you have to look allergic to catching the football when it is thrown to you?

Mike Goodson: You could have been part of the solution had you kept your nose clean and stayed healthy. Instead we got little other than headaches.

Santonio Holmes: Your contract isn't even the worst on the team. That's amazing.

Stephen Hill: You failed to progress much at all this year. You still run sloppy routes. Your timed speed doesn't show up on the field. You aren't physical, and you aren't explosive despite your timed speed.

Jeff Cumberland: Why do you not catch so many balls that hit you in the hand? You are supposed to be a receiving tight end.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson: The left guard situation hasn't helped, but you are getting beaten too often even without the guard problems.

Vladimir Ducasse: You kind of, sort of made us believe you had turned a corner after a decent preseason. Then you went Adrien Clarke on us.

Brian Winters: You may be a rookie, but you have looked overmatched.

Nick Mangold: I love you, Nick, but you have quietly been in decline for a few years.

Quinton Coples: Maybe it was the preseason injury. Maybe it was the position change, but it hasn't come together the way we were hoping it would.

Calvin Pace: The sacks obscure how you are a shell of the player you used to be. You just don't have the speed to be a difference-maker, and your run defense has slipped these past few years.

Antonio Cromartie: Props for playing banged up, but it seems like your decline has started.

Dee Milliner: Nice game yesterday, but it was an exception to an otherwise unproductive rookie year where you struggled with as far as ball skills, physicality, and speed go.

Dawan Landry: A few years back you would have been a nice piece on this defense. Father time has caught up.

Ed Reed: It's one thing to be really bad. It's another thing to attack people who have the nerve to point out the obvious, that you're bad right now.

Ryan Quigley: I think the search for a punter continues.

Mark Sanchez: You've been hurt so no on field issues this year, but what was the deal with the headband?

Josh Bush: Tim Tebow could make a better throw than you did yesterday.

Clyde Gates: I'm sorry. You don't belong here. You're awesome. Silly me.

Air your grievances below.