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GangGreenNation is Now Hiring Staff Writers

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The best part about GangGreenNation is our huge community of knowledgable fans. There are guys that are really good at scouting players, and others that can break down a team's strengths and weaknesses like no other. Not only do they love the New York Jets, but they know football. We would like some of those commentators to come write for us here at GGN.

What exactly does that entail? There are a few alternatives. If you're always on Twitter or constantly following the team, we could use you to help write up our breaking news segments. That requires discipline to be on top of what's going on and a quick typing hand. If you're more of a weekly segment kind of person, you can have your own series. Some examples include the GIF Breakdown, Keys of the Game, Chalkboard, Talking Points, etc.

Perhaps the most important trait for our writers is the discipline to not get bored after a few days or weeks. One problem we sometimes have with writers is that they get really excited and then drop off the map after a little bit. That can't happen. GGN receives around 20,000 visitors per day, including players/front office personnel of the Jets organization, some well-known former players, and journalists from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc. We even have best-selling authors among our daily readers. What makes us different from other sites, and what brings those readers back time and again, is our quality content.

So, to that end, here's how you can join us. We ask that you post some quality content in our FanPost section for three weeks. It doesn't have to be daily; it can be a weekly original series. We also ask that you be an active commentator in the comment sections. This helps make sure our writers are devoted to both the team and the site. Finally, we ask that you actually be a fan of the New York Jets. We aren't professionals, we're fans that love the team we cover, and we're looking for a few more to join our ranks. To that end, I should note that this is an unpaid position.

If, after three weeks of posting FanPosts and commenting on a regular basis, you're still interested, or you have any questions, please e-mail John Butchko for consideration. His e-mail address can be found in the masthead.