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NFL Week 16 Late Games Open Thread

Al Bello

The season is winding down. Our late games today have major Playoff implications. Most notably perhaps is the matchup pitting the Patriots and the Ravens, a rematch of the last two AFC Championship Games. While the Jets are eliminated, a Baltimore win would be great. It would hurt the Patriots' chance of getting a high seed and damage Miami's chances of making the Playoffs, a double whammy.

Other games pit the Steelers against the Packers, the Giants against the Lions, the Cardinals against the Seahawks, and the Raiders against the Chargers.

Leave your thoughts on these games below. Also feel free to talk about the Jets game from earlier today, the Jets' upcoming offseason or anything else as long as it isn't a forbidden issue like politics or religion. As always, we appreciate you not asking for or providing links to illegal broadcasts of the game over the internet. Those aren't cool.