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Looking Ahead: 2014 Offseason Predictions

It's over folks. This season is over and done with. The only thing left to do is evaluate all our young talent, and scout college and free agents prospects.

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I am not going to sugar coat anything here. I am very disappointed with this season. Even though we were predicted to be the worst team in the NFL, and did much better than that, I wanted more. I wanted to see us taking a step in the right direction. We didn't really improve on offense, all that much. This is something that will need to be rectified. Here are a few suggestions I have for what we can do this offseason to do just that.

Players To Extend

Muhamad Wilkerson - I don't think this move needs much of an explanation.

Jeremy Kerley - Kerley has developed into the best offensive weapon we have. It's night and day how effective our passing game was with or without him.

Players To Resign

Austin Howard - Howard has come out of nowhere to be the best O-linemen we have had this year. Yes, better than D'Brick and Mangold.

Willie Colon - Colon has brought back some meanness to this O-line. He is a great leader, and a bad man on the line.

Nick Folk - Who has been more clutch for us this year than Nick Folk? No one! He has earned a new contract.

Calvin Pace (If the price is right) - Pace has quietly had the best season of his career. His veteran presence and ability would be great to have back next year.

Kellen Winslow - Winslow has a crappy attitude, but the dude is a competitor. He has come from nothing, to being the most reliable TE for us this year. He would be a good number 2 guy.

Players To Cut

Mark Sanchez (8.3 M saved)

Santonio Holmes (8.2 M saved)

Benjamin Ijalana (.9 M saved)

Free Agents To Sign

Josh McCown QB - I think Geno can still grow into a solid QB, but I wouldn't put all our eggs in that basket. McCown can be a nice safety net at QB.

Jeremy Maclin WR - Maclin has proven to be a weapon in Philly over the years. He might come at a discount as well, because of his injury.

Bernard Pollard SS - I have always wanted Pollard on the Jets. The guy is a nightmare for Brady. That makes him my kind of dream.

Who To Draft

Round 1: Eric Ebron, TE

If we bring Winslow back, we will have a solid number two TE. What we will need, is a solid number one guy. Ebron has all the skills in the world to be huge playmaker for us. His size, speed, and hands will make him a huge mismatch. Other than a decent running game, a solid TE is a young QB's best friend. Our TE group to this point would look like this: Ebron, Winslow, Sudfeld

Round 2: Odell Beckham Jr, WR

With the addition of Maclin, our receiving core will automatically be upgraded. Him and Kerley will make very reliable weapons for Geno or McCown. If we bring in Odell Beckham, we will be adding a huge playmaker. He can be what we need down the field, or as a return guy. His speed and playmaking ability will add a dynamic to our group, that we haven't had in a long time. Our receiving core at this point would look like this: Maclin, Kerley Odell, Nelson, Hill

Round 3: De'Anthony Thomas, RB

Ivory and Powell have proven to be a very formidable RB duo. With that said, they still lack that big play threat at RB. Goodson looked like he could be this in his short time here, but his injury put that theory on hold. He will be on the team next year, but there is no guarantee that he will be anything like he was. Thomas would give us that blazing speed, and a security blanket if Goodson isn't in our future plans.

Round 3: Trevor Reilly, OLB/DE

Pace is coming off the best season of his career. I would love it if we can bring him back, but that will depend on how much he demands. Either way, Pace's age does not make him a long-term option. A replacement will be needed, to bookend the side Coples is not on. Reilly is a very disruptive and versatile defensive weapon. His ability to play standing up or in the dirt will be something Rex or whoever can work with right away.

Round 4: Ryan Groy, G

I think it is very important to keep our O-line intact for next year. Continuity and familiarity are important for an O-line's success. This doesn't mean things need to change. Winters has been the weakest link on this O-line. He has been a liability in both the run and pass blocking. He will need to improve big time in order to keep his spot. Right now the only other option is Vlad. With Vlad gone next year, someone else will need to be brought in to either give us depth, or take that starting spot from Winters. Groy has been a monster for Wisconsin this year. If you are curious about him, you can find game footage of him taking out Will Sutton.

Round 5: T.J. Jones, WR

This draft is loaded at the WR position. This will cause a lot of talent to drop. TJ Jones would be an incredible value pick for us. He might not have all the cameras on him like Watkins or Evans, but he is a solid receiver. Jones has excelled in his senior season, amassing 1042 receiving yards and 9 TDs. This is pretty impressive considering how bad his QB was. He also had 51 yards rushing, and a rushing TD to boot. He can challenge Hill for that last WR spot.