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New York Jets Alpha Male of the Week

Grant Halverson

Our topic today is picking an alpha male of the week for the Jets. The answer seems pretty obvious.

It would have to be the 300 pound defensive lineman who ran down Cam Newton in the open field. This 300 pound defensive lineman then added a rushing touchdown to his resume later in the game. That 300 pound defensive lineman is obviously rookie Sheldon Richardson.

These were the latest developments in what can only be termed a very successful rookie year. His stats, 70 tackles and 3.5 sacks, don't jump off the page, but he plays a position that doesn't lend itself to monster numbers. You have to watch him to appreciate what he brings to the table in terms of strength and athleticism and the way he sets others up to make plays by eating up and beating blockers. The interior defensive line is a tough place for rookies. The fact Richardson has not only cracked the lineup but is playing well probably bodes very well for his future.

Here's to the alpha male of the week.

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