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Ed Reed Unhappy With Media, Bloggers

Grant Halverson

Is Ed Reed playing poorly for the Jets? Apparently, he seems to feel he is the victim of the media and bloggers not understanding football.

"Everything I’ve been through, I’ve been through for a reason, to learn a lot," he said. "Even reading you guys’ blogs, listening to your comments, knowing half of y’all don’t know as much about football as you think you do, unless you come and sit in the film with us, and break the film down. You don’t even know the schematic part of it.

"You can ask the questions, but that don’t mean that you’re an expert at what we do. It’s funny to me. Reading it, I smile at it, laugh at it, but that’s your job. Some of your jobs, you tear people down, [or] try to, and tear the team down, not understand that it’s a team. You’d rather point the finger at one individual. It’s not an individual game. It’s a team sport—totally a team sport."

If you have read this site lately, you know I was never fond of this signing, but I wouldn't be presumptuous enough to think a player as legendary as Ed Reed would care about what I have to say or would read a site like this. I also would readily admit even if I was one of the people he was talking about that Ed Reed has forgotten more about football than I'll ever know.

With that said, the writers he is talking about don't have to know a ton about the game to see that Reed is frequently taking bad angles, missing tackles, getting fooled, and a step late on his assignments and has all year for two different teams. The Texans noticed these things too. I can assure you they didn't cut him because the media was writing stories.

This is unfortunately an ending to a career that is not uncommon. To reach the NFL let alone succeed, you have to think absurdly highly of yourself. The least effective players in the league think they play well and deserve to start. That's just the way it is.

In any event, we are watching a sad ending to a great career. Reed had a chance for a storybook ending last year going out after finally getting his first Super Bowl win. This ending is not befitting somebody who was once arguably the greatest ballhawking safety of all-time.