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Jets vs. Dolphins Defensive Snap Count

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Below are defensive snap totals for the Jets in yesterday's loss to the Dolphins. The first number next to each name is the total number of defensive snaps played. The second number is the percentage of defensive snaps played.

As you can see, Dee Milliner was benched in this game once again. This begs the question of how many times a player needs to be benched during a game before the coaches take away his starting job. Does anything else jump out to you?

D Harris LB 81 100%

D Davis LB 77 95%

A Cromartie CB 77 95%

M Wilkerson DE 76 94%

D Landry SS 74 91%

C Pace LB 73 90%

S Richardson DT 73 90%

E Reed FS 73 90%

Q Coples LB 71 88%

D Milliner CB 61 75%

D Harrison NT 42 52%

K Wilson CB 32 40%

L Douzable DE 19 23%

E Lankster CB 15 19%

K Ellis DT 12 15%

A Allen FS 9 11%

J Jarrett FS 8 10%

J Bush SS 8 10%

J Cunningham LB 6 7%

D Walls CB 3 4%