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Jets vs. Browns: Rex Ryan Hopes Antonio Cromartie Can Play

Streeter Lecka

Antonio Cromartie has been limited at practice this week, but Rex Ryan hopes he can still play.

"I’m sure he’s pushing through some things," Ryan said. "He told me that he feels good right now. Hopefully we get the Cro that we’re accustomed to."

The Jets need a big game from their defensive backfield if they are to stop Josh Gordon from having a monster game.

It seems like Cromartie has been playing hurt for at least part of the season. With the Playoffs now out of the question, it might make sense to shut him down for the year and let him get healthy for the offseason rather than risk further injury. The Jets can get extra game experience for some of their younger corners.

It kind of shows some of the complications when people are fighting for their jobs. I don't know what Rex Ryan's job status is. You don't either. Even Rex probably doesn't know. He can't be sure, but there is a chance these final two games could play a role in whether he gets to coach this team in 2014. Rex might feel like he has to win his games. His top priority isn't necessarily what would be best for the team in the long-term. It would be human nature to think this way and hardly an uncommon situation in the NFL. It  is simply a display of some of the dilemmas job pressures create.