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New York Jets Officially Eliminated From Playoff Contention

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets needed a miracle to happen to make the Playoffs. A miracle did happen. Unfortunately, it hurt the Jets. Justin Tucker's 61 yard field goal gave the Baltimore Ravens an 18-16 win tonight in Detroit over the Lions. This officially eliminated the Jets from Playoff contention. The Ravens are now 8-6. The worst they can finish is 8-8. The best the Jets can finish is also 8-8, but Baltimore would win a tiebreaker against the Jets because they have a head to head win.

In some ways the Playoffs were a pipe dream for a Jets team lacking in talent. In other ways things were right in front of the Jets at 5-4 through the first nine games. The competition was all flawed. Then inexplicable blowout losses to the Bills and Dolphins happened.

In any event, this all adds up to a third straight year of no Playoffs and a second straight year where the Jets couldn't even make it to Week 16 alive. Better luck next year.