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Jets vs. Panthers Final Score: Panthers Win 30-20

Streeter Lecka

For all intents and purposes, the Jets saw their season end today. New York fell to 6-8 with a 30-20 loss in Carolina to the Panthers. That clinches a third straight nonwinning season and all but guarantees the Jets will be watching the NFL Playoffs on TV. At the start of the year, few expected this team to be playing in the postseason. It appears they are going to end up correct. Let the questions begin to swirl about the statuses of Rex Ryan, Geno Smith, and many other prominent people associated with this franchise.

It was not pretty for Jets fans. As has been the case so frequently this year, this was a team defeat. New York suffered meltdowns on offense, defense, and special teams.

Go ahead and vent below. We will have the official recap up later. In the meantime, the video embedded above will host the GGN postgame show.