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NFL Week 15 Early Games Open Thread


It's Week 15 of the 2013 NFL season. Some teams are playing for seeding. Others are playing for Draft position. Many, including the Jets, are playing for their lives. The Jets don't kick off until 4:05 so you can use this as a thread to talk about the early games. Particularly of note for the Jets is a battle between the Dolphins and the Patriots. This is normally for Jets fans what one might call an asteroid game where a fan might root for an asteroid to hit the stadium rather than see one of these teams win. In this case, Jets fans need to pull for the Patriots, though, since the Dolphins sit in front of the Jets for Playoff seeding.

Normal rules apply. Keep an eye out for the actual game thread. Around 3:30 GGN will attempt to produce a live pregame show streamed in our game thread for the contest with the Panthers.