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Join GGN Sunday for Pregame and Postgame Shows

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

We are going to be trying something new for this weekend's game here on GGN.

Around 3:30 PM Eastern Sunday we are going to have a half hour pregame show streamed live. We will embed it in our regular game thread so all you have to do to watch is come to this site and click on the game thread.

After the dust settles, and the Jets are celebrating their upset victory in Charlotte, we will host a postgame show to break down what happened and where the Jets go from here. This will be embedded in the first post that goes up after the game.

It will all be live. What will happen? Will it be insightful? Will it be such a disaster that SB Nation stops the show and fires me on air for coming up with such a terrible idea? Nobody knows. You'll have to tune in to watch.

I will be hosting a panel that includes GGN's Rich MacLeod and sp0rtsfan86. We will let you know more as we get closer.