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Stephen Hill Placed on Injured Reserve

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets have placed wide receiver Stephen Hill on injured reserve.

I think it would be difficult to call Hill's second season anything other than disappointing. Despite a relatively promising start to the season, he really did not show a ton of improvement from a quiet rookie year. Over half of his production came in the first three weeks followed by a disappearing act. Hill's 2013 ends with 24 catches, 342 yards, and just 1 touchdown. He was supposed to be a deep threat but only had 5 receptions that gained 20 yards or more.

You can blame the quarterback, but Hill just does not look good on film. He has not improved his route running much at all. Even though his drops were down, there were too many bobbles and body catches that will lead to more drops in the future. Most disturbingly, his great timed speed in shorts just does not seem to translate to the football field. You frequently hear about players who play faster than they are timed at the NFL Combine. Hill looks like he plays slower than he is timed.

Hill has a lot of work cut out for him in year three to start resembling something of a difference-maker. Depending on what the Jets add at receiver through free agency and the Draft, he might well end up a training camp cut unless he starts to show more.