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Jets vs. Panthers: Containing Cam Newton's Scrambling Is Important

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Carolina's second leading rusher is its quarterback, Cam Newton. Designed quarterback runs are part of the Panthers offense, but as with any mobile quarterback Newton can do damage when things break down and he scrambles.

Facing a mobile quarterback presents a distinct challenge for the pass rush. Those going after the quarterback have to win their assignments and gain penetration. They also have to keep the quarterback in front of them. If they go too far up the field, they both are leaving a running lane open and taking themselves out of position to make a tackle.

A situation where Newton is able to break the pocket and end up with the likes of David Harris one on one in the open field is the kind of thing the Jets want to avoid. To avoid this, the pass rushers will have to be both effective and disciplined when going after the quarterback.