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Jets vs. Panthers: Can the Pass Rush Force the Big Mistake?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

The Jets' pass rush always plays a big role in the defense's success. It is true of most teams. Making the other team's quarterback uncomfortable is consistently important in the NFL. I am paying extra note this week, however.

Cam Newton is a good quarterback. When I watch his mistakes, something sticks out, though. When he turns the football over, it seems inordinately because he has gotten flustered by small glitches in his protection that destroy his mechanics and force errant passes. These mistakes seem to be caused by protection lapses so minor that they should not bother a quarterback. On the other side, Jets fans always need to worry about Geno Smith's turnovers. Newton is not nearly as turnover prone, but this is worth watching.

We all know the inconsistency of the Jets' secondary. The defensive line generating pressure is essential. This week the Jets are undermanned and on the road. They will need a few big plays to swing the game. The line getting to Newton might present opportunities for a game-changing turnover. Even a small amount of pressure might make a difference.