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Jets vs. Panthers: Rex Ryan Spoke With Brother About Carolina's Offense

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan spoke with his brother, Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan about Carolina's offense in preparation for Sunday's game. Rob's Saints beat the Panthers this past week.

"Oh yeah without question I’ve already talked to him," Rex said on a conference call, via Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer. "Our defenses are two different defenses, he has his own style, so do we. But again, without question I’ve already talked to him about the things he picked up. Just anything you would do against any opponent, but in particular he just played them this past week so I definitely already talked to him."

Since Rob's Saints are locked in a tight divisional race with the Panthers, he has every incentive to help his brother. Will this make a huge difference? Probably not, but perhaps Rob can give his brother a subtle thing to watch or two that could help.

The Jets and Saints also played the Buccaneers and the Patriots in back to back weeks earlier this season.