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New York Jets: Adjustments Made

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Fensom has a look at some adjustments the Jets made on Sunday to combat the blitz packages the Raiders threw at them.

The offense quickened the tempo to limit the Raiders’ substitutions during drives, they rolled Smith out of the pocket and frequently used shotgun sets. The result: Smith was sacked just once and the Jets had their third-most productive offensive game of the season with 352 yards.


Ivory explained that when one of the Raiders safeties would adjust his position before the snap, it revealed the location of a Raiders blitz, as well as coverage schemes.

Click over to get a more detailed grasp on exactly what the Jets did. It is a very meaty article.

Considering some of the offensive coaches who have run the offense in recent years, the idea the Jets could identify tendencies and adjust their scheme to exploit them seems like a foreign concept. Marty Mornhinweg is in many ways handcuffed by the lack of talent on offense, but this article shows he is doing everything he can.