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New York Jets: One Ugly Stat

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Numbers don't always tell the entire story, but sometimes they do. This tidbit from ESPN shows how bad the play has been for the Jets at wide receiver.

By the way, Kerley has missed four games because of injury and still leads the team.

Part of the issue is undoubtedly shaky quarterback play, particularly recently. When watching the film, however, it is stunning to see how little success most Jets receivers have at creating any kind of throwing lane. Geno Smith may or may not be the answer at quarterback. His issues are not only about receiver play, but no matter the quarterback for the Jets going forward, the passing game is not going to see much success without a major influx of talent at the receiving positions.

Kerley is a nice complimentary piece, but the Jets need a lot more. As we head to the offseason, upgrading the targets will need to be a top priority.