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Jets vs. Dolphins Final Score: Dolphins Win 23-3

Al Bello

For the third straight week off their bye, the Jets were totally dominated today. The Miami Dolphins beat the Jets 23-3 in the Meadowlands. New York fell to 5-7. The degree to which the Jets were dominated by a mediocre team was quite frustrating. The Dolphins moved the ball up and down the field at will on the Jets for the whole game. Only repeated errors in Jets territory kept the game from getting out of hand in the first half. The offense was even worse than the defense.

Rex Ryan played the biggest bullet in his holster, benching a badly struggling Geno Smith at halftime for Matt Simms. The move might have been to preserve Geno's mental state as much as anything. Nothing good could come from the rookie continuing to fail miserably. The switch to Simms made things as much better for the offense as one would expect inserting a marginal quarterback prospect with little surrounding talent would. Simms was a throwing into coverage, sack taking machine. If he was better than Geno, he was not appreciably so.

The sad truth is the Jets aren't even competitive against less than stellar competition right now. The people who said this was one of the least talented teams in the league before the season are looking more and more right. The Jets took advantage of almost every opportunity in front of them in the first half, but this from a talent standpoint is one of the worst teams in the league.

Mourn below. The official recap will be up later.