GGN Thread About Nothing #78: Blue

As soon as Marty Morningwheg took over the Jets offense, this had to be one of the first things he inserted. If the crowd isn't making much noise and the weather is clear, you can hear that before every play, Geno Smith yells out the word blue. I know every QB has a bunch of words that they say a lot, but I can honestly say that I have never heard a QB say the same word as often as Geno Smith does. It's not just blue, obviously. Sometimes it's "BLUE SAYS ( insert random word )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Other times it's just "BLUE!!!" Geno Smith has an extremely high pitched voice, so it's pretty obvious what he's saying. Pay attention to what he says the next time you can hear him. But what I know is that every time he says it, this song pops into my head and I just can't get it out. It was pretty popular in the late 90s for a while as well. Here ya go.

Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Original Video with subtitles) (via Bliss Corporation)

Now, the rules.

1) Don't be stupid. No politics, no excessive swearing, and no cursing out other people. No porn. No graphic violence/ gore. Period.

2) The mods have ultimate, mind boggling authority. Sp0rtsfan86 and I are the TAN mods. If we say drop it, let it go. Same goes for any other mod/editor. Don't argue with us. We have final say, period. We like drama on TV not on GGN.

3) Avoid joking at someone else's expense. Joking is fine, but there is a line. Don't cross it. Don't engage in personal attacks or insults. Don't be the know it all. Have fun, be friendly

4) Arguments are not what the TAN is about. It's about acknowledging the awesome mightiness of the mods being friendly, getting to know everyone and conversation. Try to see the other person's point of view. Nothing wrong with disagreement, but don't resort to personal attacks and insults. Attacking the reasoning is fine; attacking the person is not.

5) Do not talk ill of others, especially those that are not TANNERS. If somebody you miss hasn't been around, say you miss them, express your concern for them, but do not criticize them for not being around. 6) If a topic is borderline we will warn you. Do not argue. Accept it and move on.

7) Enjoy the TAN, enjoy the internet friends you've met. Enjoy the fact you can rant about work, school, etc. on GGN. Enjoy the cat pics. Tell everyone you know or hope to know how wonderful Smackdad is. Other sites don't have threads like this. ENJOY THE TAN!

8) If there is a problem email sp0rtsfan86 at or Smackdad We'll try to work something out so that we don't have issues. We promise you will remain anonymous.

Here's a little fun poll I wanted to add, since you cannot deny that we have a good shot at the playoffs.

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