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Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

This year the NFL has countered some major sporting events in other leagues with lousy Thursday night games. That is once again the case tonight. This might be the greatest Thursday night of college football ever with Oklahoma taking on Baylor and Oregon facing Stanford. The NFL counters with the 3-5 Redskins at the 1-7 Vikings. In the NFL's defense, this arguably looked better at the start of the year. Minnesota and Washington were both Playoff teams a year ago. In any event, this is yet another unappealing Thursday night game.

Perhaps you are an NFL diehard, though. Perhaps you don't care about college football. Maybe you want to see this game. If so, this thread is for you. Leave your Redskins vs. Vikings thoughts below. If you want to talk about either of the big college games, feel free to do that also. Just be sure to follow our community guidelines.