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NFL Week 10 Picks

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Washington over Minnesota

I still can't figure out how the Vikings have won a game.

Seattle over Atlanta

The Falcons are having one of those years.

Baltimore over Cincinnati

In games like this, I like the desperate team.

Detroit over Chicago

The Bears won last week with a backup quarterback, but I think this week they are hurt by the state of flux the position is in.

Philadelphia over Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers' absence will be felt.

Indianapolis over St. Louis

The Rams don't have enough firepower to stick with the Colts.

NY Giants over Oakland

A really easy stretch is getting the Giants back on the fringes of the race.

Pittsburgh over Buffalo

Tennessee over Jacksonville

Always pick against Jacksonville. Always.

San Francisco over Carolina

I think the home field is the difference.

Arizona over Houston

Losses like Houston had last weekend can have lingering effects.

Denver over San Diego

I trust the Broncos to show up more than I trust the Chargers.

New Orleans over Dallas

I wouldn't want to face an angry Saints team in New Orelans this weekend.

Miami over Tampa Bay

If you think the Dolphins are a mess...