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Report: Jeremy Kerley Has Dislocated Elbow

Rich Schultz

Matt Ehalt of ESPN New York reported last night Jeremy Kerley has a dislocated elbow.

New York Jets receiver Jeremy Kerley suffered a dislocated left elbow during Sunday's win over the New Orleans Saints, but it's not a season-ending injury, according to a league source. The expectation is Kerley will be sidelined for a few weeks.

It's certainly not the best news in the world. The Jets really need Kerley due to how little depth they have at receiver. The news this does not seem to be a season-ended, however, is at least a small silver lining. Reporters were giving off a vibe the Jets were concerned Kerley's 2013 might be done.

The good news is Kellen Winslow II is back. This news also puts a premium on Jeff Cumberland and Santonio Holmes getting healthy on the bye week, which seems to be coming at a pretty good time based on how banged up Geno Smith's targets are.