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The New York Jets Playoff Picture - Bye Week

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets have this week off, and in the mean time, if the season were to end today, they would be in the playoffs. Yes, the team left for dead at the beginning of the season, ranked #32 by ESPN, would steal a Wild Card spot and silence the haters.

#1 Seed: Kansas City Chiefs (9-0) (AFC West) (Bye)

#2 Seed: New England Patriots (7-2) (AFC East) (Bye)

#3 Seed: Indianapolis Colts (6-2) (AFC South)

#4 Seed: Cincinnati Bengals (6-3) (AFC North)

#5 Seed: Denver Broncos (7-1) (Wild Card)

#6 Seed: New York Jets (5-4) (Wild Card)

From here on out, the Jets have a very manageable schedule. It's not a gimme schedule (nothing is ever easy for this team), but it's very doable to hold onto this spot. The Jets actually play only one more team a winning record so far, the Carolina Panthers. After the bye, they play the Buffalo Bills. A win there will put them in an extremely favorable position for the rest of the way. With the return of Santonio Holmes, Kellen Winslow, Jeff Cumberland, and hopefully Jeremy Kerley soon after, things are looking good for Gang Green.