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Helmet Stickers: New York Jets @ Baltimore Ravens

We update our weekly table, highlighting the top Jets performers from the terribly inept performance against the Ravens

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

First of all my sincere apologies for the delay in getting this post up, working for a wine company at Christmas can get a little hectic. So we'll be treated to two of these in the space of three days, take that as a positive or negative :-)

For the first time this season, the Jets have a losing record. After many predicted we wouldn't win 3 games all season, we raced out to a 5-4 record and now currently stand 5-6 after our first back-to-back losses. There were very few positives against the Ravens with the offence rightfully coming under intense criticism. It's easy to blame Geno, but he is one of the toughest situations I've seen, terrible offensive line, spotty running backs and a depleted and ineffective receiving core.

I can't give honourable mentions when nobody deserves it. So instead I'm going to give dishonourable mentions and they are all going the way of the offence. The offensive line has been horrendous for much of the season but they were terrible in this game. Winters, Howard stood out as the main culprits but Mangold and Brick were also very poor, Colon wasn't exactly a great deal better. Geno is constantly asked to throw with pressure in his face and the run game constantly puts us in 3rd and long situations, recipe for disaster.

So if we can, lets focus on the positives:

Third Star: Dee Milliner, 2 tackles

When a cornerback only makes two tackles, it either means he was getting burned all day, the opposing QB didn't throw his way or he just had a good game. In this instance, Dee had a good game. He was in coverage on the long TD, but he played it well and had it not been for Reed, he probably deals with it. Saying that after I watched the coaches film of the game, he really stood out. His transition from his backpedal was excellent, his ability to stop on a dime and he showed great awareness for the football. I'm not introducing him as a star yet but I do think he has made strides. He has also received a lot of criticism this year, and mostly it was justified. However the rookie showed up and he deserves a little bit of praise for that.

Second Star: Sheldon Richardson, 9 tackles, 1 sack, 4 tackles for a loss, 1 QB hit

I was wrong! I questioned this pick at the time, as it was a pick that I thought we could of used to strengthen other areas, and maybe that's true...however Sheldon has been a revelation. Teams just can't block him. I thought he only received 0.5 of the sack, but ESPN attributed a full sack to him. Regardless of that, he constantly won his match-ups and was a terror in the run game. He always finds his way to the ball, and for a big man he has a tremendous motor. He's quick and agile and he made several plays in the Baltimore backfield last week. I'm hoping he does the same this week, but he has already justified his selection.

First Star: Muhammad Wilkerson, 6 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 tackle for a loss, 3 QB hits

I really didn't know whether to give Wilkerson or Richardson the first star. However watching it back, it has to go to MO, and it's really not surprising is it. He is just constantly in the backfield, and the 2 sacks could have easily been 5. He just causes havoc all across the line and teams don't know what to do with him. He uses the bull rush and takes the lineman back. Next play the lineman will grip down and settle his base, so Mo uses a swim move to break through. His motor is non-stop, his sack in the 2nd quarter is testament to that, as he just got after Flacco who tried to scramble his way out of trouble. Mo has been our best player all season and rightfully he sits atop the standings.

Week Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
First Star Nick Folk Demario Davis Muhammad Wilkerson Bilal Powell Geno Smith David Harris Antonio Allen Nick Folk
Second Star Sheldon Richardon Damon Harrison Santonio Holmes Demario Davis Muhammad Wilkerson Bilal Powell Jeremy Kerley David Nelson
Third Star Geno Smith Chris Ivory Bilal Powell Kellen Winslow Sheldon Richardson Jeff Cumberland Chris Ivory Muhammad Wilkerson
Honourable Star Kellen Winslow Darrin Walls Demario Davis Nick Folk Nick Folk Stephen Hill Geno Smith None
Other Honourable Harrison, Wilkerson Powell, Holmes Hill, Smith Landry, Bohanon Cumberland, Harris Goodson, Richardson Harrison, Wilkerson None

Week Week 9 Week 11 Week 12
First Star Chris Ivory Muhammad Wilkerson Muhammad Wilkerson
Second Star Quinton Coples Sheldon Richardson Sheldon RIchardson
Third Star Muhammad Wilkerson Santonio Holmes Dee Milliner
Honorable Star Calvin Pace None None
Other Honorable Mentions Folk, Landry, Smith None None

Player Points
Muhammad Wilkerson 42
Sheldon Richardson 23
Nick Folk 20
Bilal Powell 19
Chris Ivory 16
Demario Davis 16
Geno Smith 13
David Harris 10
Antonio Allen 10
Santonio Holmes 9
David Nelson 6
Quinton Coples 6
Damon Harrison 6
Jeremy Kerley 6
Jeff Cumberland/Kellen Winslow 3
Dee Milliner 3