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Sunday Night Football Open Thread

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The AFC South sent two teams to the Playoffs last year. One of those teams was supposed to have a major regression this year. The other was supposed to clearly be the class of the division. That has happened so far in 2013. It's just most people expected the Texans to walk through the South, and Colts to take a step back.

Instead, the Texans are off to a nightmare 2-5 start, as their quarterback situation turned into a mess. The Colts are not running away with the division. The Titans are still in the mix, but Indianapolis is in the lead with a 5-2 record and has wins against Denver, Seattle, and San Francisco on its resume. This team is for real.

Leave your Sunday Night Football thoughts below. Also feel free to chime in about the Jets' big win today or anything else that happened in Week 9 of the NFL season.