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NFL Week 9 on TV

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Today CBS will show a doubleheader to most areas while FOX will show one game to each region. However, the New York area is one of the few that gets no early game on CBS. The Jets play at home on FOX in the early timeslot. When a local team plays at home, NFL rules dictate that no other game may be shown at the same time.

If you live in the New York area, you will see:

Saints at Jets early on FOX

Steelers at Patriots late on CBS

The Jets will also be shown in all of New York State with the exception of the far Western portion, all of New England, Baltimore, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia excluding the Eastern Panhandle, Ohio aside from the Toledo area in the Northwest portion of the state, Southeastern Florida including Miami, the far West portion of the Florida Panhandle, Louisiana aside from the Shreveport region in the Northwest portion of the state, Mississippi aside from the Northern tip, and Alabama in the South and Central regions of the state.

If that didn't make sense, click over to and check out their map to see whether you get the Jets.

The entire nation will see Colts at Texans tonight on NBC and Bears at Packers tomorrow on ESPN.