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Rex Ryan Talks Offense

Nick Laham

J.P. Pelzman has some quotes from Rex Ryan about the state of the offense.

"I’ll take full responsibility that we haven’t been as effective" on offense, Ryan said, bristling somewhat. "It’s on me because we’ve been running the ball too much. I got you. I’ll take it. I’m with you all the way.

"When it works, it makes sense," he added. "When it doesn’t, [the complaint is] ‘Hey, we’re running too much [or] not running enough.’ I get it."

I think people do tend to equate the result with the thought process when it comes to an offensive approach. The view tends to be a play that works is a smart call while one that doesn't is a dumb call. Really it is much more about execution than the actual call.

As far as the Jets go, even though they have not been throwing it much, the bigger problem is how little they are getting out of the passing game when they do throw it. Many people seem to think they are running it too much, but getting away from that means leaning more on a very inefficient passing game seriously lacking in playmakers. I think there are certain schematic things the Jets could do to make things a tad more efficient such as taking advantage of Geno's mobility by putting him on the move more, but it really comes down to people winning their assignments at a higher rate and executing at a higher level. It is obvious, but sometimes things really are just that simple.