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New York Jets Week 13 Rooting Guide


Dallas over Oakland

The Raiders sit a game behind the Jets in the AFC race. A Dallas win has no impact on the Jets since the Cowboys are in the NFC.

Baltimore and Pittsburgh tie

It's unlikely, but we had a tie in the NFL last week and almost had another one. This one doesn't make a ton of difference. They both are tied with the Jets but win almost every conceivable tiebreaker scenario, including head to head. A tie would be the least bad option since it hurts both teams a little.

Jacksonville over Cleveland

The Browns are still part of the AFC logjam, and Jacksonville winning hurts its Draft position. That helps Tampa Bay's Draft position, and the Jets own one of Tampa Bay's picks in the 2014 NFL Draft because of the Darrelle Revis trade.

Houston over New England

The AFC East is still mathematically possible if not realistically so. This again helps Tampa Bay's Draft position since Houston will be picking high.

Indianapolis over Tennessee

The Colts are not competitors since they are likely to win the AFC South. The Titans are competitors. They are tied with the Jets and own the head to head tiebreaker.

Atlanta over Buffalo

The Bills are only a game behind the Jets. The Falcons are in the other conference.

Kansas City over Denver

A Broncos win means Denver could clinch the AFC West before Week 17. The Jets might need the Chiefs to play hard that day against the Chargers.

Cincinnati over San Diego

The Bengals lead the AFC North, not competing directly with the Jets. The Chargers are tied with the Jets and chasing the last Wild Card slot.

Carolina over Tampa Bay

To make the Revis pick better.