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NFL Week 13 Picks

Tom Lynn

NY Jets over Miami

I like this matchup for the Jets. The Dolphins' offensive line is unstable, and they aren't great against the run. Plus the Jets are too inconsistent to lose three in a row.

Green Bay over Detroit

Matt Flynn: Great as a Packer. Terrible as an everything else.

Dallas over Oakland

I don't think the Raiders have the firepower to hang with Dallas.

Baltimore over Pittsburgh

Because the game is in Baltimore.

Carolina over Tampa Bay

The Bucs are playing better, but the Panthers might be playing better than anybody.

Cleveland over Jacksonville

The Jaguars have fallen back to earth.

New England over Houston

Even if the Pats had a letdown, they still might be able to win this game.

Indianapolis over Tennessee

Bounceback for the Colts. Letdown for the Titans.

Chicago over Minnesota

But the Vikings put up a fight at home.

Philadelphia over Arizona

Beware the long roadtrip and early start.

Buffalo over Atlanta

The bottom has fallen out for the Falcons.

San Francisco over St. Louis

Unlike recent Rams opponents, the Niners are actually going to force Kellen Clemens to do things to win.

Denver over Kansas City

Every time I'm tempted to pick the Chiefs, I just think about Peyton Manning against Alex Smith.

Cincinnati over San Diego

This Chargers team feels like the kind of squad that would lose a home game after a huge road win.

NY Giants over Washington

I'm worried about how the Giants respond to a crushing loss, but the Redskins are already falling apart.

Seattle over New Orleans

That leaky run defense against Seattle's run game? Bad matchup for the Saints.