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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: Looking Through the Results

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Here are how some of the big media outlets rate the Jets relative to the rest of the league going into Week 13 after another debacle. And please, media, stop mentioning Mark Sanchez.

SB Nation (Jason Chilton): 27 (-4)

It was the Jetsiest of Jets games. The run defense was ferocious while the ground game cranked out some tough yards. It was all undone by dubious defensive back play and another dreadful Geno Smith performance. Sporting by far the worst quarterbacking of anyone in The 5-6 Bunch, the Jets will squander any shot at the postseason without a change under center. Can David Garrard ride to the rescue with Jason Campbell-caliber play? Admittedly that's not much of a rescue, but it would still represent a big improvement over Smith's shoot-the-hostage level of play.

ESPN: 22 (-6)

How bad can it get? Geno Smith completed seven of 18 passes inside the pocket for 97 yards and two interceptions Sunday. Smith had averaged 15.1 completions per game inside the pocket this season.

FOX Sports (Brian Billick): 20 (-7)

The Jets have now scored 10-or-fewer points in three of their last six games and have now lost back-to-back games for the first time this season.

Yahoo! (Shutdown Corner): 21 (-8)

If, at any point this season, the Jets bench a healthy Geno Smith going into a game, they've lost their minds. Big picture, folks.

CBS (Pete Prisco): 22 (-7)

Geno Smith just isn't playing very well. Is it time for a change? Why bother.

CBS (Pat Kirwan): 23 (+2)

The defense is good enough to win the division but the offense is bad enough to finish last. Geno Smith is a work in progress and I'm being kind. They might have a better record with Mark Sanchez.

New York Daily News: 18 (-3)

They are becoming what we thought they would be.

Where do you think the Jets should rank?