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Geno Smith: Rex Ryan Won't Commit to Quarterback Next Week

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

In some notable news, Rex Ryan refused to name a starting quarterback for next week in his postgame press conference per The Great Cimini.

When one quarterback has started all the games in a season and is healthy, and the coach does not reflexively say he is the starter for the next week, it is sure to draw some attention.

It is unclear how significant this is. The Jets have seemed very image-conscious in their handling of the rookie quarterback. It feels like they have gone out of the way to not give off the vibe they are treating Geno with kid gloves the way many both inside and outside the organization felt they did with Mark Sanchez. This might just be some tough love with the unspoken message to Geno that his hold on this job is not a birthright if his play does not improve.

It could also be that the head coach is seriously considering making a change.