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Jets vs. Ravens Final Score: Ravens Win 19-3

Rob Carr

After alternating wins and losses through the first ten games, the Jets have their first streak of the year. Unfortunately, it is a losing streak. New York lost for the second consecutive week, this time 19-3 to the Super Bowl Champion Ravens.

I'm sure people are going to point the finger at Geno Smith and call for his benching. The backup quarterback is the most popular guy on any team. We want simple answers and quick fixes.

Unfortunately, no such quick fix is available for the Jets. This team can make a change at quarterback and it won't fix the biggest problem. This is just not a very talented football team. The Jets took full advantage of every opportunity presented to them in the first half of the season and banked a number of wins. That is to their credit. This obscured the lack of talent that is now obvious, particularly on the offensive side of the football. This team has one of the worst point differentials in the league and has now been blown out in six of eleven games without having a comfortable win.

We can debate the merits of whether it is time for Matt Simms, but a quarterback change can only do so much when over five incompletions hit the receivers in the hands, the offensive line crumbles consistently in pass protection, and backs miss protection assignments. The coaches can only do so much to scheme around a lack of talent. The Jets are in the Playoff race as much as any reason because there are only five genuinely good teams in the AFC, not because they're close to turning a corner.

Mourn below. The official recap will be up later.