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Jets vs. Ravens Second Half Thread

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

If you like bad offense, this is the game for you. The Ravens lead the Jets 9-3 at the intermission. The Jets have 73 yards of offense having taken an ultraconservative approach in the first half. New York has only completed three forward passes, and one of those was caught by Geno Smith instead of thrown by him.

Baltimore has been more effective with 168 yards through the air. That is why the Ravens are ahead, but an awful interception on the plus side of the field by Joe Flacco combined with drives stalling in Jets territory have kept this a competitive football game, assuming the Jets can muster some sort of offense in the second half.

Leave your thoughts on the second half below. The normal rules apply. That means not asking for people to post illegal links to broadcasts of the game and not supplying them if somebody does ask. Maybe there will be a touchdown in the the second half.