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New York Jets NFL Week 12 Rooting Guide

Jared Wickerham

We are deep enough into the season for a rooting guide post based on the Jets' Playoff position.

Cleveland over Pittsburgh

While both teams are 4-6, the Steelers have a head to head win over the Jets, making a potential tie with them less palatable than a tie with Cleveland. The Browns also presumably have less staying power in the Playoff race.

Kansas City over San Diego

The Chiefs are either competing for the top seed in the AFC or the five seed. Both of those are long gone for the Jets. The Chargers are competing with the Jets for that final Playoff spot.

Carolina over Miami

There's no harm in an out of conference team winning. There's plenty of harm in a division rival in the mix for that one Playoff spot winning.

Oakland over Tennessee

These teams are tied a game behind the Jets. The Titans, however, have a head to head win against New York while the Jets will have a chance to beat Oakland later this season.

Denver over New England

Winning the division is probably not realistic at this point, but there is at least a theoretical possibility, much better than the Jets passing Denver for either the top seed or the five seed.

Detroit over Tampa Bay

Make that third round pick the Jets get for Darrelle Revis as high as possible.