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New York Jets Teammates of the Week: Cornerbacks


Earlier today, we talked about how the Jets need their offensive line to step up on that side of the ball. On the other side, the Jets really need their cornerbacks to pick up their play.

The Jets got torched through the year last week by backup receivers. This team leans on a very talented defensive line, but heavy investments were also made in the cornerback position. The defensive line has to generate pressure, but the corners have to hold up better if the initial rush does not get there to buy the rushers extra time. Dee Milliner's struggles are well-documented, but Antonio Cromartie is quietly in the bottom ten in the NFL in terms of coverage yards allowed.

Part of this comes down to coaching. It seems like a very real possibility Milliner is the fourth best cornerback on the team, but he keeps drawing heavy playing time. The coaching staff really needs to look at giving some of his snaps to Kyle Wilson and Darrin Walls.