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Jets at Ravens GGN Game Preview

Your one stop source for everything you need to know about the Jets early Sunday game in Baltimore.

That boy just ain't right...
That boy just ain't right...
Rob Carr

See what people are saying about Jeff "Bro Namath" Parks' GGN Game Previews:

This is by far the least professional I have ever seen on a SBnation site ever… if it was an attempt at humor, it just was so poorly done that it just comes off as vitriolic.

by SamD8n


If you would like to stay unbanned at the Jets site, I'd suggest skipping this article.


This is the most detestable, impious, ungracious, blasphemous, contemptuous, irreverent, flippant, uncivil, profane, sacrilegious, disgracious, ill-bred, impertinent, impudent, insolent, and profane disrespect for the GAME of professional football.

by Dominic Spaccio

that gang green nation article

Single handedly reaffirmed my blind hatred of jets fans, quite possibly even worse than patriots fans. I hope it was a poor attempt at some tongue in cheek humor, but still, bush league stuff.

by Sweetdawg99

Extra kudos for the cheeky prologue

by jet_veteran

It’s good to know that if I ever give in to pyromania, I have options.


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Where Each Team Is

The Ravens season so far has been about as good as this commercial starring the oscar-worthy Joe Flacco.

Quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco - NFL McDonalds Commercial

The 4-6 Baltimore Ravens have not been flying with mighty wings (nyuk nyuk) while the 5-5 New York Jets have been the very definition of mediocre, with erratic performances week to week that make it nearly impossible to determine the trajectory of this years team. The Ravens and the Jets field two of the worst overall offenses in the entire NFL yet both find themselves two games out of their division lead and controlling their own destiny as to the final wild card slot. Joe Flacco has done little to live up to the juicy contract he earned from his Super Bowl performance while Geno Smith looks like a very different player for better or worse every single game.

The loser of this game, while not mathematically eliminated from the playoff hunt, will more or less see the end of their postseason chances with this game.

Random Fact: Vinny Testaverde decided to retire while sitting in a hot tub. (This is actually true)

Sister Site: Baltimore Beat Down

Location: M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore, MD.

Field: Open air, Synthetic Turf. 

Coverage: CBS. 

Weather: Partly Sunny with a high of 34 degrees. Brr.

Read GGN writer Smackdad's Game Day Forecast here

Record: Baltimore decisively leads the all-time series, 7-1.

What happened last time? The Ravens beat the Jets 34-17 at home on October 2, 2011.

Read GGN writer Rich "Highlander" Macleod's History of Ravens vs Jets here

Who is favored? According to SBNation, Baltimore are the 4 point favorites to win.

Random Fact: Baltimore and its many cops and crooks served as the inspiration and setting for HBO's The Wire, that show that one friend of yours keeps insisting you just have to watch.


(Players designated "Probable" status are omitted)


Doubtful: Jeremy Kerley (WR) Elbow, Garrett McIntyre (LB) Knee.


Questionable: Lardarius Webb (CB) Abdomen, Haloti Ngata (DT) Knee, Daryl Smith (LB) Thigh.

Random Fact: The Jets have only beaten the Ravens once, back in 1997 (Aren't the fake facts so much less depressing?).


Jets: On offense the Jets are a disgusting 31st in points scored and have consistently from week to week in 2013 been one of the worst scoring teams in the league. This isn't just an outlier game or two, the Jets are borderline incapable of scoring outside of the mostly-reliable Nick Folk. New York is 20th in overall yardage per game, 29th in passing and 8th on the ground. While the Jets top ten rushing attack is a particularly bright spot on an otherwise deplorable unit, it isn't enough to consistently win games when you are a bottom-five scoring and passing team.

The Jets defense is a different story. The Jets are 1st in run defense and have been for multiple weeks. In fact, the Jets have been a top five rushing defense for the vast majority of the 2013-14 season. The defensive line cannot be overrated at this point, and even the linebackers behind them are stepping up the push up front and making tackles at or behind the line. The Jets are also sturdy at overall yardage defense, sitting at 8th. However, the Jets ability at preventing points from being scored is just as bad as the team is at scoring points, 27th in the league. You simply cannot be that poor a scoring team (or scoring defense) and expect to realistically compete in the NFL.

The Jets are a disappointing 22nd against the pass, which should surprise no Jets fans, given the underwhelming play of Antonio Cromartie and Dee Milliner this season.

Ravens: On offense the Ravens are 24th in points scored, 30th in total yardage, 19th in pass yards and 27th in rushing yards. Overall, the Ravens are fielding one of the very worst offenses in the league this year. This bodes well for the Jets who have been a mostly stout defense.

Defensively the Ravens are well above average across the board. On defense, the Ravens are a stingy 8th in points allowed, 13th in overall yards allowed, 13th in passing yards allowed, and 11th against the run. The Ravens are weak at no point on defense, which may prove to be a challenge for Geno Smith and Rex Ryan.

AP Pro ranking has the Jets ranked 18th and the Baltimore Ravens ranked 19th. Judging by rankings, this should be a very evenly matched game.

Random Fact: Buffalo Bills fans are incredibly sensitive about their smelly, economically depressed town.

(Submit your random facts to @JeffreyJParks on Twitter or via email, or just post them in the Thread About Nothing for a chance to win prizes I'll probably never send you. This weeks prizes are a Jets t-shirt with the emblem worn off, and a used cotton swab I think kind of looks like Henry Kissinger.)

Attacking the Ravens

The Ravens are an above average defense across the board. While not playing at a shutdown level, the play is very solid, especially against the run. This does not bode well for the Jets who will likely have to put the ball in the hands of Geno Smith, who was pulled from action during a disastrous effort against the Buffalo Bills last week. Smith has demonstrated limited success against exploitable secondaries, however the Ravens are not a weak pass defense at all and there likely will be little to no support from Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell as they are likely to be stuffed up front.

The Ravens are one of the stingiest teams in the NFL in terms of surrendering yardage and points. The Jets have to break tackles and make long scoring plays, even perhaps make an impact on special teams in order to have a good chance at victory. Baltimore will leave very few windows open, and the Jets absolutely cannot play to not lose as has been their tendency under Rex Ryan and even years beforehand.

Jets X-Factors

The single greatest Jets X-factor this week is Rex Ryan. Ryan has never come out of a meeting with Baltimore with a win. While some may attribute this to poor coaching or Rex choking against his old team or just the Ravens having his number, in fact the Jets as a team have been historically terrible against the Ravens, only beating them in their first year as a new team.

It seems there are two distinct and unique Rex Ryan's, and you never know which you will see come game day. On one hand you have the defensive genius coach who gets relatively incredible results from that unit no matter how crappy a team he is fielding, the same coach who can keep his middled team in the game and even win against top ranked powerhouse opponents. This is the Rex we love.

The other Rex is offensively incompetent, makes critical judgment and timing errors, throws iffy challenges, is incredibly erratic in terms of performance and winning record, plays favorites, and has a reputation for being exploitable as an opponent by other teams that know him well enough. This is the same Rex Ryan who cannot beat his old team.

I don't even know how I feel about extending or firing Rex at this point, he is that duplicitous a presence as a head coach. All I do know is that this teams up-and-down nature in the 2013 season seems at least partially attributable to the erratic performance of Rex Ryan as a head coach.

Random Fact: Joe Flacco looks like Bert from Sesame Street and Forrest Gump had a love child.

Ravens to Watch

Ray Rice is the centerpiece of the Ravens attack. In spite of the talented Rice shouldering the load, the Ravens haven't been effective anywhere on offense this season and are one of the absolute worst rushing teams in the NFL on average. The Jets shutting down Rice up front with their impressive front seven early and often could make this an extremely difficult game for the Ravens. Bernard Pierce gets a healthy number of carries and is a threat on the ground as well.

Torrey Smith has emerged as the Ravens most dangerous receiving option far and away with several hundred more yards receiving than any other Raven. Smith already has 785 yards on the year. Marlon Brown, Dallas Clark, and Brandon Stokley are alternative targets for Flacco.

Elvis Dumervil is having a productive year with 8.5 sacks and is quite disruptive in the backfield. Haloti Ngata is questionable but given his position as the bedrock of the Ravens defense, I think he'll suit up. Chris Canty, James Ihedigbo, Daryl Smith, and Corey Graham have all be statistically relevant for the Ravens this year. While it may not be as strong as the Ravens notorious defenses of years past, this unit is still to be taken seriously.

Bro's Bottom Line

While this game has potential to finally break the Jets streak of having no streaks (besides that one), it would be in the wrong direction. The Ravens are a team tailored to the strengths of the Jets in terms of match ups by position. So were the Buffalo Bills, that seemed to have little impact on the outcome of last weeks game.

I'd be lying if I said I was confident at all, but the Jets are the single most likely team to shock you once you think you know who they are as a team in 2013-14. The very worst time to count Gang Green out is when they are down. The Jets have made several statement games this season against teams far superior teams than the Ravens and pulled out a win. There is no reason it cannot be done here, but Rex Ryan and Geno Smith need to cast out their football demons in order to win this game.


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