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Jets vs. Ravens Game Day Forecast

A very blustery day in Baltimore.

Alan Crowhurst

For anyone wanting to get an idea how Geno Smith is likely to handle cold, blustery December days in the NFL, Sunday's game will provide some clues.

It's going to be cold and blustery on Sunday.  Game time temperatures will sit in the mid 30's with a brisk northwest wind at 15-25 mph, with frequent gusts upwards of 30 mph.  Those cold northwest winds will make for wind chills in the low to mid 20s.

The weather won't make it easy for Geno Smith to snap out of his recent slump.  These conditions will make passing the ball difficult on Sunday.  The deep passes many think need to be re-emphasized by the Jets will be particularly risky in the gusty conditions.  Get ready for a conservative, ground and pound type game plan.  A low scoring, smashmouth game seems a pretty likely scenario.

The conditions also will adversely affect the kicking game.  Nick Folk, who missed his first field goal of the season last week, may be in for a difficult and frustrating day.  Kick returns may also become more of a factor than in early season games, as the low temperatures reduce kickoff lengths, and the gusty winds further inhibit kicks against the wind.  Look for kick returns to have a much larger effect on field position Sunday than they have been to date.