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New York Jets Teammates of the Week: Offensive Line

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

This is normally a post where we praise one unit of the team for its performance. Last week's result renders this task impossible so let's look forward instead? What unit needs to step up against the Ravens for the Jets to win. We will pick one on both sides of the ball.

On the offensive side, there are many units worthy of that honor, but I will stick with the offensive line. The other day we talked about how the vertical passing game is one of the few if not the only part of this offense that looks solid. On its good days, it is the one thing that separates this year's offense from last year's. Without being able to pick up big chunks of yardage through the air at once, the unit looks like the punchless Sanchez/Schottenheimer/Sparano units.

Getting back to throwing the deep ball will require a number of people to step up but especially an offensive line that has struggled lately. Sure, Geno Smith has had trouble with pressure, but that is all the more reason the protection needs to be great, not just adequate. Guys like D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold get paid the big bucks because they are supposed to be good enough to go above and beyond the "Call of Duty" and carry a shaky rookie quarterback.

Against a Baltimore front loaded with talent, this group needs to come up big for the Jets to win.