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NFL Week 12 Picks

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Baltimore over NY Jets

I think unfortunately Baltimore's pass rush forces Geno Smith into some major mistakes.

New Orleans over Atlanta

The Falcons are just having a nightmare season. I'm not sure how much fight they have left.

Pittsburgh over Cleveland

I think the Jason Campbell resurgence is over.

Detroit over Tampa Bay

This feels like a game where Mike Glennon could look like a rookie.

Green Bay over Minnesota

Tolzien Mania commences.

Houston over Jacksonville

The Texans have to win again at some point, right?

Kansas City over San Diego

I worry about San Diego's offensive line against Kansas City's pass rush.

Carolina over Miami

This season feels like something special is happening for the Panthers.

Chicago over St. Louis

Would you pick Kellen Clemens in this spot?

Indianapolis over Arizona

The Colts have better talent in the Arians Bowl.

Tennessee over Oakland

Call me unconvinced Matt McGloin is the answer.

Dallas over NY Giants

The ride of facing terrible quarterbacks is over for the Giants.

New England over Denver

Letdown alert.

San Francisco over Washington

The Niners are licking their wounds, but the Redskins are a genuine mess.