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Helmet Stickers: New York Jets v Buffalo Bills

We update our weekly table, highlighting the top Jets performers from the disastrous performance against the Bills

Ron Antonelli

What can you say about the 2013 New York Jets that has not already been said? It's a week-by-week picture, sometimes we paint the picture of a team on the cusp of doing great things, others we look like the team that everone predicted we would be before the season began. A 5-5 record shows us for what we truly are, a team who middle of the road, who have the capability to play with the best and lose to the worst.

This weeks game was hard to analyse as nearly everyone had a poor game. Offensive lineman, running backs and QB's, most wide receivers, defensive backs, linebackers, win we need most if not all components to come together to have a good game. Right now we are not getting that, and that's why we hold the record we do. However lets not get too down on ourselves, there is still a long way to go, there is still a lot of football to be played and if the season ended today we would be going to the play-offs.

So there will be no honourable mentions today.

Third Star: Santonio Holmes, 2 receptions 71 yards

It's hard to place a receiver in here but I thought the receptions Holmes made were impressive, he showed all the traits that made him a Superbowl MVP. Great awareness and concentration to adapt to the ball while in the air. A little speed and great hands to bring them in. He almost brought in another fantastic catch but couldn't quite make it on the dive. Geno stared him down on one of the interceptions and there was nothing Holmes could do to prevent that. It's good to have him back, but he may start to become frustrated if Geno can't get him the ball consistently. He had 8 targets on the day, but most of them were poorly thrown balls by Geno tha gave Holmes no chance.

Second Star: Sheldon Richardson, 9 tackles, 1 tackle for a loss

We struggled to get to the QB against Buffalo, but the defensive line actually did a good job. Buffalo averaged 1.8 yards a carry on the ground and a lot of that had to do with the big guys up front. I know I may sound like a broken record but It always surprises me just how quick and athletic Richardson is. On a number of players he worked his way down the line to make a tackle for a limited number of yards. He made one excellent tackle on a 3rd down play that brought Spiller (i believe) down when it looked as though he was about to break off a long rush. He may not win the rookie of the year thanks to Alonso in Buffalo, but he'll certainly get a lot of love from Jets fans.

First Star: Muhammad Wilkerson, 9 tackles, 1 tackle for a loss, 1 pass defended

This should be a surprise to absolutely nobody. Wilkerson is consistently one of the best lineman in the league and he has been hands down the best Jets performer this year. He's been truly unblockable and nothing really changed against Buffalo. They did divert a lot of attention to Mo, and you can probably thank Pettine for that. However he still managed to burst through at times. He has a very rare blend of size, speed, power and intelligence. He knows when he's not getting to the QB, and he gets those paws up. Again I don't think anyone can disagree that Mo deserves the credit this week for another great job on a losing team.

Week Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
First Star Nick Folk Demario Davis Muhammad Wilkerson Bilal Powell Geno Smith David Harris Antonio Allen Nick Folk
Second Star Sheldon Richardon Damon Harrison Santonio Holmes Demario Davis Muhammad Wilkerson Bilal Powell Jeremy Kerley David Nelson
Third Star Geno Smith Chris Ivory Bilal Powell Kellen Winslow Sheldon Richardson Jeff Cumberland Chris Ivory Muhammad Wilkerson
Honourable Star Kellen Winslow Darrin Walls Demario Davis Nick Folk Nick Folk Stephen Hill Geno Smith None
Other Honourable Harrison, Wilkerson Powell, Holmes Hill, Smith Landry, Bohanon Cumberland, Harris Goodson, Richardson Harrison, Wilkerson None

Week Week 9 Week 11
First Star Chris Ivory Muhammad Wilkerson
Second Star Quinton Coples Sheldon Richardson
Third Star Muhammad Wilkerson Santonio Holmes

Player Points
Muhammad Wilkerson 32
Nick Folk 20
Bilal Powell 19
Demario Davis 16
Chris Ivory 16
Sheldon Richardson 15
Geno Smith 13
David Harris 10
Antonio Allen 10
Santonio Holmes 9
David Nelson 6
Quinton Coples 6
Damon Harrison 6
Jeremy Kerley 6
Jeff Cumberland 3
Kellen Winslow 3