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Jets vs. Saints: The Chess Match on the Field

Chris Graythen

Sean Payton's offensive philosophy to a large degree mirrors Rex Ryan's defensive philosophy. Both coaches like to show opposing teams a lot of different looks with a lot of different personnel packages. This makes them unpredictable, which can be an advantage.

The Jets and Saints are sure to show each other a ton of looks tomorrow at the Meadowlands. This could add emphasis on a hidden matchup, Drew Brees against Dawan Landry. These are the two men in charge of their units on the field. They will have to look for subtle hints on what the other team is doing in a short time based on what they have studied. They will have to process this information quickly and relate it to their call. At times, if the call on their side is not suited to combat what the other team will do, they will have to adjust the play.

These matchups are always important. They play a hidden role in games. Given the complexities of how these teams operate and how they take advantage of it, there may be extra significance.