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David Garrard Should Be Cut

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Talk is circulating about Matt Simms potentially taking first team practice reps this week. Simms is still active on game days as Geno Smith's backup. With this in mind, there really is no reason for David Garrard to be taking up a roster spot. Garrard is supposed to be the steady quarterback option the Jets have in reserve.

One of two things is probably happening and possibly both. Garrard might have so little to offer physically because of injuries and age that the Jets do not view him as a viable backup. It is also possible albeit less likely that Matt Simms has shown so much improvement and genuine promise that he actually could be a viable NFL quarterback.

In any event, these would eliminate the need to have Garrard on the roster. You can keep a third quarterback if he is like Simms, a young developmental guy. Keeping a guy like Garrard is a waste of a roster spot. If the guy is never going to play, the spot should be used on somebody with some kind of upside to develop in practice. With only two quarterbacks active on game day, there is no need to keep a spot warm for an old practice player.

If the Jets want Garrard's influence around their young players, they should hire him in some sort of coaching capacity. His career is probably over anyway.

This team's quarterbacking is at a point where a trusted steady hand could work wonders. If Garrard cannot be that, it does not serve much of a purpose keeping him around. If we are going to second guess (or first guess in some instances) John Idzik's biggest mistakes in the offseason, not finding a more reliable veteran signal caller might rate next to not making an effort to re-sign either affordable starting guard, Matt Slauson or Brandon Moore.