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Week 12 NFL Power Rankings: Looking Through the Results

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Here are how some of the big media outlets rate the Jets relative to the rest of the league going into Week 12 after a surprising blowout loss to the Buffalo Bills. It's silly to get wrapped up and emotional when it comes to power rankings, but still, I'm not sure what's worse: Kirwan dropping Gang Green eleven spots or Chilton's strange obsession with Mark Sanchez.

SB Nation (Jason Chilton): 23 (-5)

It's likely impossible to goad Jets fans into yearning for the return of Mark Sanchez, but a few more showings like that might do it. Despite strong support from the ground game, Geno Smith was horrendous in rifling a trio of interceptions to the Bills' safety corps. No one was happy after this one - the Jets' front seven was mad that their strong effort against the run was wasted, the Jets' secondary was mad that the front seven couldn't provide any pass rush, and serial malingerer Santonio Holmes was no doubt outraged that he was forced to actually line up and run routes.

ESPN: 16 (-4)

The Bills had three drives start inside the Jets' 35-yard line (10 points). Jets opponents have started 12 drives this season inside the Jets' 35-yard line, second most in the league.

FOX Sports (Brian Billick): 13 (-1)

W, L, W, L, W, L, W, L, W, L. Please keep your seatbelt fastened and your arms and legs inside the Genocoaster at all times.

Yahoo! (Shutdown Corner): 13 (-1)

When the Jets are bad, my word are they bad.

CBS (Pete Prisco): 15 (-1)

That is a major gag at Buffalo. If you are truly a playoff contender, you can't lose that game.

CBS (Pat Kirwan): 25 (-11)

The league's most inconsistent team can't win two in a row. I wonder if adding Ed Reed really helps the defense, which gave up 37 points to Buffalo.

New York Daily News: 15 (-4)

Busted in Buffalo.

Where do you think the Jets should rank?